DataViewer Analysis System


Supports both time and frequency domains

Interactive viewing and interrogation

Cursor interrogation support

Order and mode tracking

Data validation

Multi-function plot types

User-definable colour maps

Cross-spectral analysis on complex data

Cycle counting analysis on time history data

Worldwide connectivity




The DataViewer is an application for viewing and analysing processed dynamic data interactively. It can be used to view either time-domain or frequency-domain calibrated data. Features include placing cross-hair cursors on the screen, toggling the display between different channels, or replaying the data to simulate live capture.

One of the DataViewer’s main features is the flexibility of its plot types. The main screen of the application consists of a number of different plots. These plots are all derived from the same data, and they present various aspects of the data in different ways. HGL Dynamics can provide additional plot formats if required for specific applications.

The standard output types include:

Spectral Density and Waterfall Plots

Time History Plot

Amplitude Envelope und Spectrum Plot

Spectral Peak-Hold Plot

Reference Peak-Hold / Spectral Component Plot

Shaft Speed vs. Time Plot